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Our graduates are flying around the globe and whether you are a returning customer, or about to take the next great step in your aviation career, we would like to extend a warm welcome to you and we hope to see you soon!


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Cornwall Aviation and the Small family have been welcoming student pilots for 45 years. We have made many lasting friendships, and it is wonderfully satisfying to know that so many successful careers took off from our school.

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Students can learn to simulate an ILS at Cornwall, and practice in a quiet training environment to learn the skills without costly ATC delays. When the student is ready, they learn to work the busier airports, integrating their training in an efficient manner. Full motion electric platforms and wrap-around visuals offer the student the ability to practice at airports around Canada.



Students learn to use the Garmin radios in an integrated manner during training – there is no special fixed ground school fee. We work to build on the knowledge that students have to meet the standards of the ratings. The Garmin 430 WAAS radios are included in the two full motion Redbirds, in Piper Seminole and C-172 aircraft providing seamless training platforms for the student pilot.

Cornwall Regional


The Cornwall  Regional Airport is a modern, up to date facility set near the St. Lawrence River, convenient in proximity to both Ottawa and Montreal. Our students do not experience heavy traffic, costly taxi and hold times found at the major airports. The practice area is close to the airport without expensive ferry times to begin multi engine training.

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Cornwall Aviation offers comprehensive flight training programs for aspiring pilots at all levels, from beginner to advanced.

We schedule our customers to get in, get done, and get going. With our five Piper Seminoles, two Full Motion Redbird FMX (simulated full motion flight training devices), friendly staff, and experienced full-time Pilot Examiners, our aim is to offer cost effective, proficient flight training.

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