Cornwall Aviation (1979) Ltd. is committed to a safe environment for its students and staff, free from sexual violence and harassment. Cornwall Aviation values respect and dignity for all, and this document outlines our commitment and procedures to be followed regarding this Policy.


This Policy applies to all Cornwall Aviation (1979) Ltd. students, staff, and contractors.

Attempting, threatening, or committing any non-consensual sexual acts towards a person, in a physical, verbal, harassing, or psychological manner including stalking, indecent exposure, exploitation, and voyeurism which aims at someone’s gender identity, expression or sexuality is in contravention of this Policy.


All reasonable steps are to be taken by students and staff of Cornwall Aviation against sexual
violence to protect students and if they witness, or have reason to believe it did or will occur, they will report the matter to Dave Small, Operations Manager (613) 662-3392 (Manager) or the Chief Flight Instructor or Delegate (613) 931-3311.

A person affected by sexual violence and who wishes to file a complaint or ask for assistance should speak to Dave Small, Operations Manager (613) 662-3392. Alternatively, they may speak to the Chief Flight Instructor or delegate (613) 931-3311.

Cornwall Aviation will work to accommodate the needs of a student affected and students are not required to report an incident or make a complaint about sexual violence to obtain support and services. Should they wish to contact the police, they may ask for assistance in doing so. No fees will be charged to the student for this assistance.

Cornwall Aviation will make known support and available resources to the complainant and to the person against whom allegations have been made. See end of document for contacts.

Reported incidents investigated by the college will include meetings with the parties involved and there will be at least two Company officials (Team), involved in the process.

All relevant information will be gathered by the Team and a determination will be made on how to proceed. Documented notes and conclusions will be kept in a confidential file and all parties will be instructed to protect and keep confidential any details and personal information of the parties involved.

The student may choose not to request an investigation by the college and has the right not to participate in any investigation that may occur. However, if it is determined by Cornwall Aviation manager or Team that student safety is, or may be compromised, the matter will be referred to the Police by Cornwall Aviation.

All persons who are subjects of the investigation shall be given the right to explain their position in a fair manner and have the right to have a person present with him or her at every stage of this process.

Pending the conclusion of the investigation, the Team shall determine what interim measures and accommodations may be undertaken for both parties, up to and including having the party under investigation suspended from campus. If found to have behaved inappropriately at the conclusion of the investigation, students may be expelled, and employees terminated from employment.

At the conclusion of the investigation, the people involved may request an appeal by submitting the request in writing within ten days to the Manager.

Policy Violations

Anyone knowingly making a false complaint or bearing false witness of sexual violence is in violation of this Policy. It is a violation of this Policy to threaten or undertake reprisals against anyone who files a complaint. Such violations will result in disciplinary actions up to and including: a student who has been found to do so may be expelled and a staff member may be terminated from employment.

If students, in good faith, report an incident of, or make a complaint about sexual violence, they will not be subject to discipline or sanctions for violations of the Private Career College’s policies relating to drug or alcohol use at the time of the alleged sexual violence.

Students who disclose their experience of sexual violence through report of an incident, or making a complaint about, or accessing supports and services for sexual violence will not be asked irrelevant questions during the investigation process by the Private Career College’s staff or investigators, including irrelevant questions relating to the student’s sexual expression or past sexual history.

Cornwall Aviation shall collect and if requested by the Superintendent of Private Career Colleges, shall provide such data and information as required according to Subsections 32.3 (8), (9) and (10) of Schedule 5 of the Ontario Career Colleges Act, 2005 as amended.


Cornwall Community Hospital Abuse and Sexual Assault Program

For emergencies go the Hospital Emergency Department and ask triage nurse for ASAP Nurse.
613-938-4240, ext. 4552 

Sexual Assault Services Cornwall and SD&G
(613) 932-1755